February 8

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For you, the campaign creator, the benefits of choosing an online pledge for your fundraiser are numerous. Online set up is easy and much less complicated than keeping offline records of your donations. You will have a link to the campaign, so promotion of your fundraiser is straightforward and simple. With our payment processor, there is no need to collect funds from donors directly- the system takes care of that at the end of the fundraiser. Imagine what a time-saver that would be, not having to track down your promised donations!

We know, you’re hooked.

Another cool feature for the campaign creator is the ability to build teams into your pledge fundraiser.  You can create teams of individuals participating in your fundraiser, each with links to their team page. For example, if all of the teachers at your elementary school are walking in a walk-a-thon for your school pledge fundraiser, then you can have one team of 2nd-grade teachers, one team of 3rd, and so on. You can award fun prizes to the team that raises the most pledges, and even award prizes to an individual who raises the most within each team. The fun and financial benefits of this feature are endless.

For your supporters, our platform offers a distinctive user experience:

  • Supporters can donate to a pledge per-any designated activity. They can pledge per-mile, per-book, per-anything you choose OR make a one-time fixed contribution to the cause.
  • Supporters can enter a per-unit amount AND the maximum total amount that they want to contribute, alleviating any worries of financial over-commitment.
  • Donors can check in to see how their pledge is doing at any time

From both the organizer and supporter side, pledge campaigns are simple, easy, and fun to use. Want more information about pledges? Check out our  Pledge Page 

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