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17 years Experience leading to Over 2000+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

A versatile online platform for creating great fundraising experiences

A simple step-by-step interface walks you through every aspect of building amazing experiences. Hundreds of options give you the flexibility to create exactly what you want.

A branded organization page to centralize all your fundraising activity

A customizable Supporter Center provides a central place for your community to view your events, donate and get involved, and even start fundraisers on your behalf.

A community with ideas, resources, and expert fundraising guidance

Get advice from experts who are immersed in fundraising every day. Ask questions, get answers, learn, and connect with other fundraisers to share ideas and experiences.

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We use our experience to create yours

Our fully customizable platform has grown from the early years.

We’ve developed it into one of the most intuitive fundraising platforms in the industry. Today, we’re so much more than your average fundraising platform.

Our team works to make sure that you have access to the best possible fundraising platform – so that you can rally people to the causes that matter most.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped over 2,000+ organizations and individuals raise funds on RaiseItOnline.

And it’s because RaiseItOnline makes it easy to create great fundraising experiences.

Whether you’re a small nonprofit or a large corporation, RaiseItOnline clears the path for you and your team to make an impact in the world.

Your story is our story. You can start it here, for free.


Leading the way forward

We believe the best way to change the world is to help you do it, one fundraiser at a time.

Instead of avoiding the internet, organizations needed more efficient ways to connect with donors.

A fundraising platform that organizations could use to find donors and inspire them to give again. A platform that could be used without training, to quickly and easily launch fundraisers online.

The industry needed RaiseItOnline.

Our team came together with RallyUp and built an engaging fundraising platform that was different and better than the others.

As an experience-focused fundraising platform, our team is dedicated to making it easy for you to creatively raise money for your cause.


Check what our clients say about us

RaiseItOnline was simple and easy to use and our Parents loved it! No more door to door selling!

Sarah James

PTA President

We did in 1 Hour what it used to take 10 days to do - RaiseItOnline is incredible. 

Mike Tatum

Football Coach

In today's climate - safety is a huge deal for us and RaiseItOnline let us fundraise from the safety of our School Gymnasium. We are sold!

Lisa Bellucci

Director of Athletics

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