July 25

Secret to any Fundraiser’s success…Participation right?




To keep the revenue flowing, Schools and Sports teams are testing online strategies carefully, integrating them with more traditional fundraising tactics, and hiring experts dedicated to online efforts like the folks here at RaiseItOnline.com

A soccer club with 2600 members, for instance, used Twitter, Facebook and Email to raise money to achieve their 2017 fundraising Goals but still integrated face-to-face fundraising for more than 50% of the nearly $75-thousand they raised overall.

“I have yet to see pure online fundraising really take off,” says Darrin Reeves, the Operations Manager for Greatapeels LLC . “It still has to be connected to the real world. That’s why we still incorporate runs, walks, raffles and product sales.”

Schools, Sports Teams and Clubs of all types have more than tripled their profit by adding online fundraising options.

One large university tried allowing donors to give to several schools using the same donation form , but the biggest gain, nearly $14-million, came simply because people could make “preferred-seat donations” when buying season tickets online.

“When you first start online fundraising, it’s so easy to get started and then to double how well you’ve done because those numbers are so low,” says Tim Allen, a senior account executive at TurboText.us, a text based fundraising platform. “But once you get more supporters, you have to invest in creative platforms that incorporate some of the human element to keep those strides..”

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