January 18

64% of millennials prefer…

What's new in the world of Fundraising??



Did you know 64% of millennials prefer to fundraise through walk/run/cycle events? Good to know if you are trying to reach more donors in that demographic.

But how do I put on a successful fundraising event?

The key to having a successful nonprofit fundraising event is by encouraging engagement while still keeping it fun.

If you can’t get your attendees engaged then your event will quickly lose steam. So to make your initiatives fun, try these exciting new ideas from the list below and see what your donors value the most.

Many of the fundraising ideas listed here at RaiseItOnline are ones we’ve seen work firsthand. Many others were contributed to use from awesome organizations that know how to put on a great event.

Whether you’re a small youth center or large organization, we know there will be something here that’ll work for your organization


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